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Be weary...I began to purchase one copy of the Who Knew book from the "Secure Site". I put in my credit card details but accidentally put in the incorrect CVC detais on the back of my card as it was difficult to read. I was told the transaction was declined at the end of the call and did not persue to rectify the order. My bank also notified me by text that the transaction was declined. Four days later I get another notice from my bank that the transaction is being processed and not for my origional order of $10, but $51.97!!!!!

I called the Who Knew help line (only available during specific times) to report the mistake. I was told just dont accept the books after shipping. I explained clearly that I do not understand how the cvc number was cleared as I supplied an incorrect one in addition to not ordering 5 books. There was no other solution offered other than to send them back and a refund would occur.

I made mention that they would hold me responsible for shipping and that my card details were fradulently attained without any solution.

I have since called my bank and await what they may suggest.

This is Fraud as I do not understand how they cleared this transaction without correct details. The company also made up a flase order amount. I never ordered 5 books. STAY AWAY!!!

Who KNEW??


Monetary Loss: $52.

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Miami, Florida, United States #655839

Thank you so much for reporting this scam. I wondered how a book company could afford a TV ad.

The only way By doing a search comparing "10,001 Household Tips" to "Who Knew Household Tips," I found this site. It's hard to believe how dishonest some businesses can be. Remember "Smiling Bob" on the ad for "Enzit?" (or something like that.) That was supposed to be an "enhancement" for a man's private parts.

It was a total scam, but the company did not care. They made enough money to pay off the lawsuits.

to Now I know #655934

I saw the same Who Knew hard cover book at Walgreens (not on special) at the counter at a Walgreens in Fourt Lauderdale, Florida...

to Angela20132013 #655936

Hard cover for $9.99...So no extra cost for shipping or SPECIAL TV offer....Who Knew

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