In late Feb I watched a infomercial re: Who Knew Books" which sounded quite interesting and was told the cost was to be $29.99 and the shipping charges would be waived for anyone ordering at that time. When I asked about sending the order to Canada I was told there would be no problem but I was not informed abount any charge other that the $29.99 plus any difference in the money between Canada and the USA.

Seeing that the Canadian money was at par with that of the US. I expected to be charged only the $29.99. The only time I became aware that my order was received was upon receiving my Master Card statement for March showing a charge of $62.13. I have not received the books (which I would have returned after being charged this outrageous amount) nor have I received anything else in reference to this.

I am more that pissed off.

(I see that you are showing a word count of my complaint and also a statement that you recommend a minimum 100 word count so I can go on and on for as long as I wish. I am surprised that you didn't recommend a maximum number instead of a minimum) I expect to see a complete refund to my Master Card account immediately.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #920879

This goes back to Feb.27, 2012. I know, thats a long time to catch something like this, but an old bank statement ,came up, & I was reviewing it looking for something else.

I found a charge from "Who knew

Books,The amt of $37.98. I never ordered this item

And never recieved this book.I doubt that this com. Is

even real. Or ever has been.

I need more info.about this

So called co.

I do not have money to to toss away.

Please contact me, by E mail. gerikolb@gmail.com.

Boutte, Louisiana, United States #714862

I saw these books on HSN and ordered for 9.99 + shipping. $14.95 total. I really like them and hope to order more but only from HSN or some site were they can be returned for free.


Thanks for the advanced notice! Will definitely not purchase any products from this company!


Just watched the Infomercial. It says on screen to "ask about free shipping" next to price while the voice says to call in next 20 minutes to get free shipping. So how do you "Ask" if you are not talking to a live person?

I guess they charge shipping unless you "ask" them for free shipping.

That's a sneaky way for them to get extra money from you knowing a large percentage of buyers will not check their bills or forget to "ask".


I ordered my books at the end of July and as of today still did not have them! 1-800-777-4043 will get you a LIVE customer service person on the phone!

I too Hated that there was no live person when I ordered from the infomercial and that it did not give me a Total price for everything!! I called today, because I had yet to recieve them. I found out they had my address wrong,my books were returned and my account credited the money back.

I loved and wanted the books so I re-ordered today on the phone with the number listed above and had an actual person take the order and give me all the info I required! I hope this helps everyone!!!


I found the Who Knew Books on www.asseenontv.com for anyone who wants the books but doesn't want to go through the WhoKnewBooks website. As of this morning they were $29.99 plus $7.99 s&h plus a $15 gift card. I don't know where the giftcard can be used.


thanx 4 the info...I as well could not get any1 to answr ?'s abt free shipping...there mst b alot of unhappy scamed folks out there...they need 2 be shut down..but, doubt it will happen...good luck folks!!!!!


thanks for the reviews, got home from work and was going to order these books, not nowthanks for the heads up.


:zzz I love this website :grin Who knew there is a website like this to help us, the consumers, find out what's really going on with these products :eek Thank you Pissed Consumer :( for letting us share our expierances, insights and for FREE :grin Thank you consumers for showing me the light! I think YOU are the BEST PRODUCTS of all 8) "Who Knew" :eek


I was planning to order these books today. Thank God I saw these reviews first.

'Who Knew' help could be so much trouble. :eek


Thank you all for your comments. I just watched

the Who Knew Books infomercial and became so excited.

I'd been looking for a book series with all of those tips on couponing and cleaning for a while now and when I saw "Who Knew" I was ready to order.

I'm glad I decided to do a little research first. Your comments made me change my mind and possibly saved me $$$$ and a headache.


Thank goodness I found this site. Will wait for them to come to the store.

Thanks again for saving me money. :)




Wish I would have read these comments first. Ordered one book, was billed for two and shipping which was supposed to be free.

When I called to complain they did give me an RMA number to return a book and did credit my account for it but still won't credit me for the shipping, even though it was their mistake.

Kept telling me they weren't authorized to refund shipping. I'm going to call and complain every day...


I am so happy I found this site before purchasing the Who Knew book. I didn't like that I couldn't speak to a live representative.

It seemed like a scam.

So glad I didn't put my C.C.# in. I think I'll wait until its in stores to buy it.


glad i read these comments BEFORE ordering i'll wait til they're available at stores where i can see what i'm getting and the price is correct IF i decide to buy


Went on line & ordered my little pie maker, $10.00 & $7.99 shippiing , ok gave info and card for $17.99 on bank statement $37.99 & $37.99, called co,was told I ordered upgrade set then did it again a few minutes later, told him he was crazy-did no such thing, he said he does not lie, told him he is a liar. I will be sending back when receid, he hung up.


So glad I came to this site I was going to order the who knew books thank you for posting this scam.


Saw the infomercial this morning - I called the 800 number - was asked first for my credit card number. Pressing 0 or saying 'Customer Service' didn't work.

Then skeptical, I got online and found this page. Thank you ALL...for your honest comments!

Your comments saved me money, stress and reminded me infomercials are to be ignored as a way of purchasing! :)


Thank you to all who provided reviews. I was planning to order the "Who Knew" set today, but quickly decided against it. Posting your reviews really helps others!

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